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Congratulations John Foster… excuse me Champion John Foster. The casual Dwarf Car fan might not realize just how much effort Champion John Foster put into this season winning 8 out of the 9 points races and finishing 2nd in the 9th race and Dwarf Car Racing in general. Not long ago, John was a Dwarf Car outsider, buying older dwarf cars from everywhere and everyone he could and hitting the track in hopes of making them winners, only to realize after many years of trying he just couldn’t make the older stuff work to get him to the front. Then during a 2 day show a few years back at Canyon speedway, John was given the opportunity to race a quality Dwarf car and race it he did, right to the winner’s circle and since that day he has been on a personal quest to get better and better. Which led Champion John to build his very own Champion JDR Chassis. On the race track John is a clean racer but he has no friends. However, in the pits he is one of the most giving racers you will ever meet. His outgoing personality for fun, family and racing friends makes him very easy to be around. Always humble and extremely grateful. John’s outgoing personality made it easy for Dusty Jager and Ricardo Leon to partner with him to create the winning Champion Chassis, the JDR Chassis which has become a staple in the winner’s circle not just in Arizona, but Nevada and Texas as well. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a minute to also thank all the other Dwarf Car racers who participate week in and week out not just in Arizona but all around the country and make Dwarf Car racing a truly competitive class. However, in Arizona every week is a challenge and we wish to thank all our club racers including but not limited to: 2nd in Points Chris Trimino (Current President of the Dwarf Cars of Arizona and all-around great Dwarf Car Racer). 3rd Chris Vernon (Just a good person who loves to race, win or lose and have fun). 4th Tyler Rodriguez (who celebrated 4th in points by doing back flips at the Harvest Hustle. All kidding aside, thankfully Tyler is okay but not his Dwarf Car. However, Tyler is tough and will be back to win again) 5th Buddy Atencio (One Hot Shoe, and the 2023 pilot of the current Champion #12 JDR Dwarf Car.) 6th Dustin Washburn (Don’t let his 6th place points finish fool you, this racer is top notch and always shows up at the track ready to win but family vacations, wedding and planes limited his attendance in 2022, but rest assured he will be back strong in 2023.) and to the rest of the Dwarf Cars of Arizona club members, thank you so much for all you do to make Dwarf Car racing in Arizona what it is and we look forward to having you back and welcoming new faces in 2023.